We Strive to be at the center stage of LED lighting business that opens a new world of light with the innovative technology that goes beyond generations

Since our founding in 1989, we have been leading the market with accumulated experience and innovative manufacturing technology through CNC engraving machines.We have been developing diverse range of products including the ‘Light Panel’ developed in-house in 2000, the LED panel ‘LumiSheet’ that used the advanced V-Cutting technology in 2005, the high efficiency & eco-friendly LED lighting ‘LumiDas’ that will change the paradigm of 130 years old lighting industry, and also leading the way in eco-friendly green growth and carbon emission reduct on policy which sought after globally and led by the government..

GV(GeumVit Corp.) promises our customers to open a world of new lighting that contributes to the happiness of humanity with effort of combining the customer oriented management policy and expert knowledge on LED lighting that have been the basis of our growth so far. We will strive harder to with innovation, creativity as well as passion which are the DNA of company growth.
We would much appreciate your encouragement and support and please watch our path to growth.
Best regards,