“GV corp. creates valuable light”

As a leading technology innovator in the field of LED lighting industry since 2005, GV(GeumVit Corp.) has been continuously investing in R&D for the production of light-emitting diode(LED). These lighting products have been receving positive attention as the 21st century light source. As a result, we have built the first ever complete LED product lineup from 3W to 160W in the world.

These products have been recognized with their excellence design and quality in Korea and overseas market. GV(GeumVit Corp.) exceeds the highest standards in technology and support through diverse certifications such as UL, CE, PSE, FCC, KC, High Efficiency etc., more than 80 cases of patent as well as prestigious design awards. By achieving energy saving through GV(GeumVit Corp.) LED lighting and carbon emission reduction effect, we will lead the way in creating the eco-friendly high efficiency energy industrial era that will overcome the predicted crisis called global warming.

  • Electricty cost reduction
    Energy saving expected with low power consumption / Efficient air conditioning with low Fever
  • Comfortable living environment
    Provide comfortable living environment with LED light closed natural light
  • Maintenance cost reduction
    Maintenance const saving with long life of maximum 50,000 hours
  • Stability
    Excellent electrical stability with unique technology and solidity against external shock
  • Product superiority
    Excellent product durability / Achievement of emotional lighting with diverse design and color expression
  • Improvement of eco-friendly company image
    Characteristics of solder-free, and cadmium-free products / Improvement of the company's eco-friendly image

“GV corp. creates valuable light”

GV corp. launched “Lumisheet”, the world’s first integrated light panel that inserts a light source inside the panel by combining high brightness LED and 3D V cutting technology.

“Lumisheet” is a frameless type light panel manufactured using LGP (PMMA) used for back light and can be applied to shop fitting, signage, and indoor indirect lighting.

In addition, our unique 3D V-cutting and heat dissipation technology is applied to provide excellent uniformity and light quality, and the Led module is embedded inside the light guide plate to produce a variety of shape that customer want.

  • the use of raw materials of the highest quality.
    • JAPAN LEDs(Toyota Gosei Epistar)
    • LED PKG : LM80 certified, Patent free
    RU certified
    • Flexible pcb , FR_4
  • Satisfy customer needs design
    • minimum size 50mm x 50mm maximum size 3000mm x 1500mm Available in any size
    • circular, oval, other special shapes, etc. No design constraints
    • Slim Design without External Frame
    • 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm manufacture available